Nobody Asked Me But,

I don’t doubt for a moment aliens have visited planet Earth. Being intelligent life forms they did what any intelligent life form would do after encountering humans, get the hell out of this planet!

One day I will get the guts to say, “have a bad one.”

Labor Day will shortly be upon us. I doubt if ten percent of those under 30 have any comprehension why the holiday emerged.

I think sometimes Obama must experience the loneliness of the long distance runner.

During the initial twenty years of my life Democrats were president. In 1952, Eisenhower was elected. We greeted his election calmly, considered him a decent man, the sky did not fall, and life went on.

I wait expectantly for the introduction of Monica Lewinsky into the health care debate. Someone will charge she received medical treatment after she treated Bill Clinton’s body part.

If I was 23, I’d get in my car and head west. Wherever I stopped would be my destination.

I never complain about having to wait to see my doctor. I am 79 and alive, what else is important– I have a cold?

Modern mom. Looking at text messages instead of the kid.

I often see the sign, “In God We Trust.” I think it should read, “Does God Trust Us With This Planet?”

Clunkers for gas efficient cars makes sense. What exactly is the argument about?

Two years in jail for shooting oneself is ridiculous. I believe the NRA will fight for legislation which gives Americans the right to shoot themselves.

Colleges have opening convocations, concluding graduations. But, no one gives a damn what happens inbetween.

I assume when I get to heaven, God will explain to me the connection between health care and Nazis. Of course, the Devil is the one enjoying the entire craziness.