If God allowed free will, then free will does not exist.

I never get upset if someone fails to show up for an appointment. There is always tomorrow.

My eyes follow a blond haired woman more frequently than a dark haired one.

When alone in a restaurant I struggle finding words to initiate a conversation with a stranger.

I am emotionally unable to visually myself being physically handicapped.

A person I know walked right by me. At age 79, I have changed from younger days.

People place their right foot over the left more than the left over the right.

I am furious when newspaper readers fail to fold the paper like we were taught in New York City.

Republicans just can’t halt finding a Joe to admire. Invariably, the Joes are not the average American Joe.

If there are two women with a man, he controls the conversation.

Lean women walk with head held higher than obese women.

A child feels important if allowed to carry any package.