I never underestimate the power of the presidency from distancing its occupant from reality.

Youth today has been educated to believe a test measures knowledge.

I never get upset if someone fails showing for a meeting. There is always tomorrow.

The Jewish holidays have arrived and I don’t feel religious this year. Maybe next.

A man sat in a chair smoking a cigarette gazing at the parking lot. Another mystery of life.

My eyes follow a blond haired woman more frequently than a dark haired one.

When alone in a restaurant I struggle for the words that would allow me to talk with a stranger.

I am emotionally unable to envision myself physically handicapped due to age.

Over 40 million Americans lack medical insurance and the crazies worry about some illegal immigrants getting treated for a disease.

I suspect fast food places are trying to discover an inexpensive food that allows people to lose weight.

I am furious when St. Louis people fail to fold a newspaper the correct New York style.

I love watching hand movements as people talk.

In the US Army we were taught to respect the uniform. Why can’t Joe Wilson understand that basic concept?