Each week we offer reflections on the human condition from a 20 year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.


I am under not obligation to smile at a stranger who smiles as he walks by me. It is optional.

Some people should not wear jeans.

I wonder if robots could run this planet more efficiently and more humanely.

I enjoy the sound of a shoe banging on a concrete floor.

I had to see a friend who is a judge and the sign said: “No Weapons Allowed.” Does the NRA know they will not allow guns in a courtroom!! What ever happened to our 2nd Amendment rights?

A person who has never before been in the building enters and looks up.

I never walk with a hand in my pocket. I leave my private parts alone when walking.

There is a moment in October when twinges of summer mix with twinges of upcoming winter.

When a man in his sixties calls me, “Sir,” I know that I am close to 80.

Some sit away from the window, I am a window person. I have to see the world pass by.

Say, whatever happened to that guy named Barack Obama whom we elected?

No greater guilt can be experienced than spilling one’s drink on a stranger.

It is the rare college student who assumes responsibility for poor work.

Humans are allowed in public to rub a nose but not pick it. Why?

I inhabit a world in which anger and hate are freely given, but love is kept undercover.