Observations on the human condition by a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.

Whatever happened to Don Rumsfeld? Is it true he is a greeter in Wal-Mart which gives him an opportunity to stand on his feet all day and prove there was no torture at Guantanamo?

I am in awe of people who do cross word puzzles with a pen.

I hate cleaning because at the moment of completion, there is new dirt. It is like shitting.

I was raised with Coca Cola, then switched to Pepsi and several years ago during my chemotherapy I switched back to Coke. Something about the Chemo ruined by taste for Pepsi.

In the army we walked twenty miles through a snow storm. These days getting people to walk twenty feet from their car to the door of McDonald’s represents a victory of some sorts.

I am amazed at the percent of films dealing with horror. I wonder why?

I am losing my taste for apple pie but increasing it for Jonathan apples.

There is a political void in America in which those with wealth and power get money and power while the rest get to applaud them on TV.

Dick Cheney complaining about Obama’s procrastination in deciding Afghanistan policy is like a rapist complaining his victim went to the police too late for it to count.

One must admit the sounds of silence are the only noises coming from Bush in Texas.

Millions of Americans are in pain. The question is whether their pain will lead to action or simply more illness.

One should write the history of changes in their taste buds.

Few teachers these days tell a lazy student he is lazy because the Political Correct Police will intervene to protect the child’s psyche.

I have never met anyone who won a major jackpot. Have you?

I have always believed police ticket left lane drivers more frequently than right lane ones.

There is no more forlorn sight than an empty car on the side of a major highway.

No one has been elected president who had hair on his face since William Howard Taft in 1908. But, today many men have hair on their face. Just another mystery of life.