We offer the rambling remarks of a man who is physically 79, but mentally 29 as he ponders on the human condition.


A woman sitting at a table with five men has to decide when leaving which one gets the first hug.

I become upset when someone in a coffee shop takes the sport section and leaves the rest of the paper. For me, the sport section is the first I read.

When two young men hit the door, which opens it?

Barack Obama baffles me since he was surprised at the Massachusetts anger. He simply has no grasp as to what Americans think or feel. Amazing. Or, does it stem from graduating from Harvard?

Few people wear their coats while seated in a diner.

My motto is always, life is too short for long anger.

An intelligent idea entered the mind of Sarah Palin and died of loneliness.

I often wonder what cro-magnons talked about in the morning, assuming they talked in the morning.

Old farts like me stand when a woman leaves the table, young people just wave.

The American Congress is filled with people who will fight to the death to defend their version of “truth.” Unfortunately, truth is a stranger who has never knocked on their door.

Humans have an infinite capacity to deny their reality. I guess that is the origin of inventing God.

A few days after snow has fallen, modern civilization can be seen in the dirty remnants in the white snow.

Someone asked me to sum up modern American civilization in one word. Easy– Negativism.

I am jealous of white haired men with neat white moustaches