We offer comments from a 79 year old man on the human condition.


I have no idea why people stand in freezing weather waving at a camera other than they seek evidence for why they froze their balls off.

Every time I fail to take my cell phone, my car has a problem. I guess God has investments in AT&T.

A TV program said it was about “Financial Fitness.” Is that what is meant by a run on money?

A man wearing a black overcoat invariably conveys an aura of mystery, particularly when he also wears a dark scarf.

I like Barack Obama and consider him an intelligent person. Unfortunately, in life intelligence is not synonymous with insight.

I get into my car by going around the front, most people are backers.

Some people begin speaking as they approach a table, others wait until they have reached it.

A snow storm was approaching St. Louis and people descended on supermarkets to stock up as though they were awaiting a siege. For God’s sake, it is only snow!

If one wipes a table with a dry rag, exactly what is being cleaned-nothing!

Most men working at their computers in a coffee shop have serious looks on their faces.

Dilemmas of modern motherhood. Which comes first, feeding the baby or talking on the cellphone?

There is always a pang of jealousy in my heart seeing a young man with a gorgeous girl who has laughter in her heart.

Every time I find a “call now” message on my phone, it is a guarantee I will never call.

As Americans grow older, they grow wider.

I altered my route of driving today in hope it would guarantee winning the lottery. What is your approach to a win?

Mystery of life in America, circa, 2010. There are banks literally on every street corner.