We offer the observations of a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.


God is a teaser. He tempts us to come near success, but we never achieve the ultimate in success.

Women reach for purses when leaving, but men never check pockets for their wallets.

A blond haired woman with a blond haired little girl has the look of assurance in life.

It should be illegal for scrap off cards in which your number is always one different from the winning one to be sold.

I frequently wonder if there was a moment in human existence in which there was no violence.

A child’s head buried into mom’s shoulder is the essence of love and trust.

As I approach 80 I sometimes see a shadow flittering through the darkness at evening’s arrival, and trust it does not have an appointment with me.

There is no more beautiful sight than long flowing red hair which reaches to the shoulder of a woman.

Surprise! I passed a store which did not have a “Sale” sign.

Army fatigues do not make a woman attractive.

I prefer silence to chatter.

When two couples sit together the women talk with one another and the men with one another. Why not inter-sex conversation?

I chronicle life, others live it.

To be a Muslim in America in 2010 is to elicit stares.

I had a difficult time telling the Hardee’s boy that I do not want a sausage in my egg biscuit. I am Jewish.

Tall woman attract attention even if not attractive.