Following are non-news items

Rudy Giuliani gave a speech in which he reminded all that he had saved America in 2001.

Tiger Woods was seen eating dinner with his wife in a restaurant.

Sarah Palin winked while saying the word, “obma.”

Dick Cheney only used the expression “terrorists” twenty times in a speech.

Senate Republicans voted “no” today. They were not quite certain what they were opposing.

Tea Party leaders made it through the day without using the expression, “cut taxes.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu shook hands with a Palestinian without collapsing of shock.

No Turkish general was accused of anything today.

Jack Nicholsen did not smile today.

New York Knicks did not make the NBA playoffs.

Suicide bomber blew himself up in the desert.

Glenn Beck drew a diagram that proved Democrats were behind 9/11 bombing.

Lynn Cheney defended her father against WMD charges.

No one saw the film Avatar today.

FOX News reported Barack Obama was born in a gorilla camp.

Rush Limbaugh got drunk on his own words.