Non-Report On Non-Train Wreck Somewhere

After consulting Chinese authorities we offer a non-story about a non-train wreck that happened somewhere in the world, but certainly not in the nation of China which does not allow any train wrecks unless they are authorized by the government. There are reports that a bullet train was going someplace in China when its trajectory was deflected by another bullet headed in its direction. Being the wonderful Communist society in which there are no train wrecks, the trajectory resulted in some minor injuries to the bullet, but not to the bullet train.

We were informed by the Chinese government that loyal folks do not discuss train wrecks that never happened unless they desire to publish “positive news or information released by authorities.” We adhere to that policy. We wish to inform our readers that reports of a bullet-train wreck simply are not accurate. Actually, the bullet train was headed towards Shanghai and it simply encountered some minor problems with rails that resulted in the bullet not hitting bulls eye of the target.

So, we wish to guarantee our readers that reports of people being injured are simply not true.  A few people tripped while exiting the bullet train, but they are doing OK wherever they are and we can assure one and all they will not be suing anyone for alleged injuries. Unless, they wish to file in a heaven court.