We offer observations on the human condition from a 22 year  old mind trapped in an 82 year old body.


People break bread into pieces, not in the Bronx.

In my Bronx youth we were not dainty people.

I wonder who will take the place of gays in  2050.

Young slight girls with long hair have a demure look.

I feel sorrow more than anger for the Catholic Church. It means well.

Many confuse their opinions with evidence

Some gaze with curiosity into a bag. Why?

Moment of truth, scratch  off  the numbers.

Writing with fingers does not result in something to read.

Before four teen girls leave coffee shop they must huddle about something.

Five minute snooze keeps me going.

I love the solitude of solitude.

Last moment of truth in life is Death.

There are times not to resist, just go with the flow.

One call never to answer is the one from God.

An athletic team named, “Titans” does not have them.

There are today’s prices and yesterday’s mind.

It is called, “chill” but it is hot.

Fast food is all too often rather slow food.

Some gulp down drink, I do not.

I wonder if they have Santa Claus in Heaven.

I miss Sam the Pickle man, the best pickles on Earth.

Some sit with serious look holding elbows.