Normal Day At Mexico Air Port

It was just another normal day at the Mexico City airport as travelers hurried to catch flights that would take them far away from the hectic life of people in this huge city. Mothers held babies in arms, men examined their lap tops for the latest stock quotes, pilots chatted with colleagues as they prepared to board their planes. It was a normal day, nothing extraordinary. A young man and a his girl friend argued and she ran away  tearful.

Three police officers walked over to two of their colleagues waiting in line to board a plane. The two men glanced at the approaching policemen. They reached into their pockets, drew guns and shot the three policemen. There was a flurry of excitement as shots rang out, but within moments things returned to normal. The two policemen fled, three bodies of policemen lay on the ground. Of course, the drugs being carried by the fleeing police remained secure.

The airport reported no interference with flights. People boarded planes. It was just another episode in the ongoing saga of drugs, criminals, police, and ordinary Mexicans. All planes departed on time.