North Korea, An Enigma Wrapped In A Riddle

The United States of America spends billions of dollars on its intelligence branches and thus far has not exactly come up with interesting information about North Korea other than it is a closed society run by men with closed minds. Perhaps, it is time for Intelligence agencies to seek out individuals who possess intelligence about North Korean leaders. Kanji Fujimoto is among the world’s leading experts on North Korea, but for some reason his wise ideas are not solicited by the CIA or any of the other places where people devote their time to gathering data that can readily be obtained on the Internet. He was the former sushi chef for Kim Jong-un, son of the North Korean leader, and most probably heir apparent when dad goes to the place in heaven reserved for those who spent their time in pursuit of the truth. According to this noted expert on North Korea whose words of wisdom can be obtained without expenditure of a penny, Kim Jon-un will need five to ten years as head of the nation which makes difficult “reform and an open door policy” before he is firmly in control.

He also made the keen observation that son is the spitting image of dad, “in terms of face, body shape and personality.” What I want to know is does the CIA possess this important information and will they hire a former sushi chef as their top expert on North Korean politics??