North Korea And Politics Of Madness

The UN Security Council met for hours to discuss current tension on the Korean peninsula. North Korea is threatening death and destruction to its southern neighbor unless they cease conducting military exercises with the United States. Of course, North Korea shelled a South Korean military base a few weeks ago, but that was simply done in order to show the world, young son of Kim Song-il who is known as Kim Jong-un intends to be the numero leader of his country and what better way to show his brilliance than to have a military base attacked? The attacks have nothing to do with war and destruction, they simply are an attempt to prove to North Korean military leaders that Number One Son is really a Number One military genius. Most likely, there will be more speeches of defiance, more threats and eventually things will become quiet.

The world is confronting psychopathic leaders in charge of a nation which has access to nuclear weapons. This is the ultimate fear–somehow that knowledge will be given to those who are even more psychopathic.