North Korea Continues Being North Korea

Sixty one years ago in July, 1953, United Nations forces in Korea signed a truce agreement with North Korea and China. Prisoners of war were returned –only if they decided to go back to their native land. Of the four thousand Americans, 22 remained with the Chinese and North Koreans. Over 30,000 North Korean POWs preferred life in South Korea to the land of North Korea. The years have passed, South Korea has become a modern highly technological land in which the majority enjoys a good life. North Korea has remained North Korea. The dictator who ruled in 1953 continues to rule through his grandson, Kim Jong-un. In one sense, nothing has changed in North Korea other than increased starvation, further imprisonment and torture of those who dare question the Leader. There is no question millions in North Korea have died over these sixty years, not due to old age, but to disease, hunger and murder by their own government.

Kim Song-un just announced that his government will continue to pursue the quest for atomic weapons. His spokesman informed the world that North Korea would take “counter measures including nuclear tests.” They probably will test a nuclear bomb and nations such as Pakistan and Iran which aided this quest can feel comfortable — or will they if North Korea initiates a nuclear encounter?