North Korea Defies The World!

There is one thing to be said about North Korean leaders and that is their strong desire to be stubborn and ignorant about the world in which they reside. After a half century of intellectual as well as physical separation from the world, they are literally incapable to interacting with logical minded individuals. A defiant North Korea told the world it would “never” take part in any international nuclear talks and, furthermore, it was restarting its nuclear program. This statement of bravado came in response to a unanimous UN Security condemnation of the failed launch of rockets. “We have no choice but to further strengthen our nuclear deterrent to cope with additional military threats by hostile forces” thundered a North Korean spokesperson.

Logic will not compel North Koreans to examine reality. They are isolated and even their allies on the Security Council joined in the vote. The best solution in dealing with North Korea is to take a deep breath and ignore the verbiage while slowing working with anyone in their government who has an iota of calmness.