North Korea Displaying Paranoid Style Of Diplomacy

It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the bombastic fury of North Korean statements that are designed to threaten actions not contemplated, and the reality of what this paranoid style nation is ready to demonstrate. A North Korean news agency claimed the United States had 1,000 nuclear weapons on the Korean peninsula and was in the process of deploying this massive arsenal in Japan and Korea. It argued that North Korea is “completely within the range of US nuclear attacks and the Korean peninsula is becoming an area where the chances of a nuclear war are the highest in the world.” Naturally, if a defenseless nation like the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is being threatened by the American bully what else can it do but gear up its own nuclear weapons?

There is a method in the paranoid madness of the North Koreans. The supreme leader is ill and he is attempting to create the image of a powerful nation so when his son takes over other countries will not think about doing anything to disturb the status quo in North Korea. Unfortunately, mistakes do occur and if North Korea continues pushing its madness there is always the possibility other nations will take it seriously and its prediction of a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula might come true.