North Korea-I’m Coming To You!!

According to North Korean sources, foreign tourism is “booming” and hordes of people are deplanning at Pyongyang airport in order to partake of the wonders offered by the Great Leader, Kim Jong-un. The Korean Central News Agency reports, “the global popularity fo tourism to North Korea is booming.” Since the Great Leader has sent missiles into the air, thousands are flocking to his land in order to seek health, happiness and wealth.

1. There are unconfirmed reports the National Rifle Association is negotiating with the North Korean government for areas in which its members can hunt to their heart’s content. An, instead of hunting animals, they can hunt North Koreans who seek to flee from the land of milk and honey.

2. There are also unconfirmed reports that former President George Bush is being allowed to roam the nation in search of Weapons of Mass Destruction, if he gets bored, there are always  trees to chop.