North Korea New Home To Republicans

The madness of what constitutes the political leadership of North Korea increasingly resembles what transpires to be the leadership of the American Republican party. Both leaderships have one goal in mind– how to maintain power even if it means the end of their own society. North Korea is ruled by men who have as much knowledge of the world in which they live as does Sarah Palin, spokesperson of the Republican party. Each charges its enemies as seeking to destroy the nation and each is determined to pose as defenders of true national values. Anyone who does not accept the party as being always correct is definitely and enemy of the state. Over the past few days, Kim Jong -un, son of our all wise leader, Kim Jong-il, ordered the army to attack South Korean military defenses in order to demonstrate his power. Republican Senate leaders made clear to President Obama they would not allow a new anti-missile treaty with Russia to proceed because to do so would allow Obama to come across as a successful leader.

The ONLY goal of the Republican party is to make President Obama come across as ineffectual. If the price in so doing means the American economy will not become more productive, so be it. In the end, the only important thing in life is Republicans winning the presidency.