North Korea No April Fool-Or Are They?

Kim Jong-un is a nice little pudgy boy who spent some time in Switzerland getting some type of education so that he might return home to North Korea and pick up where dad left off before he left this planet for another place in the universe. After threatening to blow up the United States, including sending missiles to the center of America, a place called Austin,Texas, the brave North Korean heroes are now complaining they are being threatened by the United States. The North Korean government has informed foreign embassies they no longer can guarantee their safety due to American threats to their nation. They noted the Geneva Convention said it was their responsibility to “protect foreign missions,” but they now face the fact that “the US poses a threat to them.”

There is some evidence that North Korea has a missile that might go 1,875 miles and hit Guam. Of course there are doubts about the Musadan range and accuracy.  The real problem has ceased to be what North Korea can actually accomplish with its military. The real problem is their constant threats and warnings might result in a  mistake and violence. Perhaps Kim Jong-un might read “The Guns of August”by Barbara Tuchman which describes how rhetoric and misunderstandings led to the outbreak of World War I.

Kim, read a book and shut up!