North Korea Regains Its Senses

Governor Bill Richardson of Arizona returned once again to North Korea which he has visited on other occasions in order to talk quietly and calmly with leaders of a land that lacks any comprehension as to what is going on outside its borders. He persuaded Kim Song il to readmit UN inspectors and to sell 12,000 plutonium rods in order to show the world there is no intent on his part to pursue atomic weapon development. “My sense,” said Richardson, is the North Koreans realise they have moved too negatively against negotiations, that they have taken some very bad steps and they wanted to move in the right direction.” Richardson emphasized he strongly urged the North Korean government not to respond to military exercises going on in South Korea between its army and American forces.

In an effort to make clear to North Korea that its neighbor to the south has God on its side, a giant steel Christmas tree was lighted and South Koreans sang Xmas songs they hoped would be heard in the north. Heck, it you have Bill Richardson and God on your side, how can you lose?

I wonder if Bill Richardson would consider going to Washington D.C. and talk with Republicans about calming down and recognizing there is a world outside of Kansas.