North Korea Threatens Doomsday!

A South Korean ship was blown up while in its own waters and an investigation points to the most probable cause as that of a North Korean submarine firing a torpedo. South Korea issued angry statements and used its economic power to punish its northern brethren. The kooks who are in charge of North Korea know only the power of threats and warnings and hints of violence when charged with anything. North Korean media reported that if a UN investigation concludes its nation is guilty, then South Korea can expect, “all-out war….. involving the whole nation, all the people, the whole state.” Of course, this is not the first time such threats have been made, but with a group of ignorant power mad leaders in charge of a nation that possesses access to nuclear weapons, it is uncertain if the threat emanates from reality or simply is another bluff.

Hopefully, China will quietly explain to its neighbor and ally that nuclear war will only result in a complete destruction of North Korea because the United States will not idly stand by and allow a nuclear attack on South Korea.