North Korea Threatens Missiles-Is It A Serious Threat?

The battle over how to handle North Korea’s escalation of threats continues, but fortunately President Obama is not allowing himself to get sucked into George Bush style rhetoric. North Korea fired several more missiles on Thursday and there are reports that a long range missile will be fired in the direction of Hawaii. Many analysts believe this entire “missile war” derives from North Korean dictator Kim Song Il to use threats and fears to make the accession of his son to power more possible. We simply do not know if there is any serious thought behind this boasting and bellicose threats or is it simply much ado about getting his son installed in the leadership role and nothing more?

Most probably betting on a long range missile will result in winning some money. At this point, the best policy is remaining calm and now allowing North Korea to frighten anyone with their threats. Kim Song Il knows full well if he blunders into attacking anyone, his Chinese allies will cut him off within a moment. He needs China more than China needs him. That reality is the trump card which should result in words, but no action.