North Korea-Wake Up Call To China?

North Korea has been led by a family of psychopaths for over sixty years and thus it frequently becomes impossible to understand what form of communication will find a place of understanding in their brains. Several weeks ago, North Korean artillery blasted away at a South Korean island and killed several people. Naturally, the logical response was to threaten retaliation since a normal mind might reconsider their actions. But, we are dealing with a nut case who lives in an isolated world in which the word of Kim Song il is equivalent to that of God. US and South Korean naval vessels are conducting training exercises which has only resulted in a psychopathic response from the North. From their viewpoint, these activities, “are nothing but treacherous escalating the tensions between the North and the South and bringing on the dark clouds of nuclear war to hang over the Korean peninsula.”

At this point it is time for China to recognize dealing with a difficult child sometimes requires getting tough and laying down the law of reality.