North Korea Will No Longer Be A Terrorist Nation

In the heady days of the early Bush administration when Republicans insisted they would never negotiate with any “terrorist” nation, North Korea was cited as an example of how the weak policies of the Clinton years must be replaced with tough minded George Bush. Of course, somewhere along the way, Bush decided to embrace negotiations with terrorist nations and, voila, the world now sees an end to nuclear weapon development in North Korea. Six nations signed an agreement with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea under which the “terrorist” nation has agreed to dismantle the last remaining parts of its nuclear weapon program. A team of experts will visit North Korea to verify completion of this task.

Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, who has been working on this issue, noted, “we would like the protocol to be reached within 45 days and secondly to begin verification within 45 days. We’re anticipating that and don’t see any obstacles.”

One can only wonder if George Bush will not support the candidacy of Barack Obama who agrees America must negotiate with terrorist nations.