North Korean Fairy Tale

Gather round children and a story I will tell the story of two wondrous men who have made our nation so great and powerful that all nations of the world stand in awe when a North Korean child stands in their presence. Once upon a time there was a terrible monster who lived high up in the sky and when he was angry down came bombs and explosives to kill innocent Korean men, women and children. But, the people of Korea were so blessed because the gods of life had sent the brave young leader of our nation, the blessed, wonderful, Kim Song Il, to save the children of our nation. When he saw the planes sending bombs to our beloved country, the wondrous Kim Song Il hurled a lightening bolt that destroyed one bomber after another. You could see tears in the eyes of Americans who were so frightened to be in the presence of this wonderful handsome prince who was admired by all the women of our country. Another time when the Americans sent ships to invade our nation, Kim Song Il swam into the sea, he dived and then placed bombs on each and everyone of the ships. People on mountains far, far, away could see the explosions as the ships blew up and the American invaders went to their deaths.

But, our great leader had not halted in his work to save our beloved people. He chose the most beautiful girl in the whole country for his wife and one day she gave him a handsome little baby. And, children, that baby will soon become our new beloved leader, Kim Jong-un. Oh, children, we are so blessed to have a new wonderful, handsome leader to help us overcome the bad, bad American dragons. Now, each one of you should draw a picture of our wonderful new beloved leader.