North Korean Follies

Among the great mysteries of the past seventy five years has been the entity known as, North Korea, or DPRK. It claims to be a Democratic Republic which just might suggest the people of this strange land actually have influence over their own lives. Now, of course, that i s a fantasy statement. North Korea dictator, Kim Jong-un has been boasting and threatening to send missiles into South Korea or toward the coast of California. The government of South Korea is somewhat upset and concerned. The head of its armed forces warned that if North Korea indicates it might use an atomic bomb, his armed force would make a pre-emptive strike.

Off on the side is China which is the only friend available for North Korea. Its new leader, Xi Jinping might decide it was time to exert real pressure on Kim Jong-un but there is also the possibility that even China can not influence the nut case of the North.

Who knows what lurks in the hearts of American military and government leaders. Perhaps, a pre-emptive strike to wipe out North Korea??