Norway Immigration Population Increases

The world has been witnessing a tremendous dispersal of people to every region of the planet including such northern climes as Norway. During the past decade, Oslo, capital of the nation, has witnessed a remarkable spurt in its immigrant population which have quickly become an indispensable component of the nation’s ability to raise economic standards. Immigrants in Oslo now number 85,50 of the city’s 560,484 population which means one out of four people in the capital were not born in Norway. People from Pakistan lead with 20,00 and there are 9,000 from Somalia with east Europeans comprising about 19,000 in number. Earling Lae, head of the Oslo Municipal Executive Board, comments “It doesn’t matter where they’re coming from, but that they’re doing well and have a job. And most do.”

In the modern world as living standards rise, people in post industrial societies need immigrants to do the work they will not do. As nations grasp this basic factor of post industrialism, fear of immigrants will decrease.