Norway Seeks Segregated Future

There are many educators, parents and politicians in Norway who prefer the old world when whites were the only ones in schools, and the only black faces encountered were on some news of the week description of savages in Africa. Bejerke Upper Secondary School in Oslo has decided to handle their increasing numbers of black skinned children by placing them in a class composed of black skinned children. The assumption is black faces together with white faces leads to poorer education for white children.

When asked by the parent of a immigrant child while there were classes in which only children of immigrants were present, headmistress Gro Flaten responded by noting the “school had experienced ethnic Norwegian students dropping out if they weren’t together   in small classes with other white children.” Fortunately, Olso Education head, Torge Odegaard was shocked by segregation in a Norwegian classroom terming such action as “totally unacceptable.”

As I recall, that nice white skinned Norwegian student by the name of Anders Breivik spent a day killing dozens of fellow Norwegian students whose skins were white. I have a hunch ethnic Norwegian students are safer with children of immigrants.