Norwegian PM Urges Obama To Lead

Jens Stoltenberg, prime minister of Norway, is reacting to eight years of failed Bush leadership by urging the newly elected president to assume the fight to restore America’s position in the world as a moral leader. He emphasized his nation wishes to cooperate with the new leader of America, but he also made clear: “we expect the USA to take the international lead on important issues, on the basis of dialogue and cooperation. In order o handle the major global challenges facing us, we need joint solutions. this is true for the financial crisis, the climate policy, the fight against poverty and our efforts for peace and security.”

Most nations of the world want to end the Bush unilateral approach to dealing with major issues. Bush enjoyed being the person who created problems and then sought assistance from other nations in order to clean up his mess. The world is tired of such attitudes toward problems and wants joint cooperation in identifying the best path to solve problems.

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