Not A Marine’s Finest Hour!

The invasion of Iraq stemmed from lies told by the president of the United States and the Secretary of Defense so it is little wonder deception, confusion, and disorientation became part of the process of fighting in Iraq. Sgt. Ryan Weemer is on trial for the murder of an unarmed prisoner during fighting in Fallujah. Today, Weemer and his comrades insist the prisoner tried to seize a gun which caused them to kill him. However, Captain Jonathan Vaughn says he clearly told Sgt. Weemer, “this was not a free-fire zone. We articulated the process by which the captured detainee was to be moved back from the fire fight.” Unfortunately, for Sgt. Weemer in 2006 he told Mark Fox, who worked with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service “we didn’t take any prisoners.. They didn’t have any weapons.. They were just sitting there.. I did one guy…”

War stinks but there are rules and regulations that govern war. Sgt. Weemer apparently spoke the truth to Fox and now must be judged by what he openly said on tape regarding his state of mind and his actions.

One tragedy is the absence of punishment for his superiors– President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld who encouraged disregard for rules of behavior in wartime. As usual, those on the front lines are punished while those sitting in offices far from the scene of conflict will spend their lives without any punishment.