Not Again In Afghanistan!

It is amazing how a small number of members of the US  armed forces continue behaving as though they were on a beer trip in the wilds. A paratrooper captured  his fellow  members of a unit posing and grinning over the dead bodies of suicide bombers. Man are smiling as they stand over in triumph mangled bodies scattered over the ground. One paratrooper is grinning as he poses with a  severed leg of a corpse. Another wears a patch which says, “Zombie Hunt.” These men apparently believe the world will not see their idiocy and violation of army regulations. Unfortunately, we live in the era of phone cameras.

The Los Angeles Times has these pictures and was asked by Army officials not to print them. The newspaper argues freedom of the press. Of course, they have the legal right to print these horrid scenes.  Of course, if they do,  some innocent Americans will die. There are times in life when the media can back  away and think about consequences.  I doubt if they will.