Not Guilty In Egypt!

Egyptian courts continued to render the verdict of “not guilty” to members of security forces who somehow wound up killing a few people during  last year’s demonstrations. Nine of 10 court decisions  dealing with the issue as to whether members of  the security used excessive force have resulted in  a “no” answer. At least 200 security folk have been charged with crimes, burt we can assume the only people to be found guilty of anything  are the criminals who placed their bodies in the way of rifle butts and police batons.

After all, what can a cop do if someone will not get out of the way when he is swinging his rifle or waving his baton? It is criminal how protesters wreck the rifle butts of soldiers or bend batons because their heads are so hard. Thank God,Egyptian courts are protecting the right of police to beat the hell out of  those who are trying to create hell on the streets of Cairo.

We can then assume:

If security forces are -not guilty


Hosni Mubarak is -not guilty!