Not So Gay Partner

Glenn Greenwalk is not on the Xmas card list of Barack Obama. The problem with Greenwald is that he agrees with the ideas about human rights that were held by once upon a time Professor Barack Obama. He cooperated with Edward Snowden and reported things the White House considers to be helpful to terrorists. The things he knows are also known by over one million people which makes clear how the NSA feels about “secrets.” Ordinarily, a secret is only shared with a handful of people, but in Obama secrecy, let a million have acccess to secrets and then punish one of them for telling “the secret” to the 1,000,001 person. The NSA and other American “secret” agencies are out to get Greenwald.

His husband, David Miranda was returning from a trip and landed at London’s Heathrow Airport where the agents of secrecy detained him for nine hours. David Miranda, a Brazilian national, was simply pulled out and termed a potential “terrorist.” Gee, I wonder why an obscure Brazilian was tagged as a “terrorist.” Naturally, they usually detain passengers and grab their cell phones and laptops. This is simply another example of how the values of Professor Barack Obama have departed from the mind of the current Barack Obama.