Not Superman In Sky!

Superman has returned from his sojurn back on Krypton and is once again prepared to take out evil doers and make certain our cities are safe. Fortunately for Superman, the FBI is prepared to assist in his war against crime. Whenb you gaze upwards to the sky, the figure darting about is NOT Superman, but simply a drone that works for the FBI. FBI Director, Robert Mueller, assured one and all, the use of drones is “very, very minimal”and “seldom”employed. The entire drone operation is “still in nascent stages but is worthyof debate and legislation.” In fact, Mueller claims it is still unclear as to who polices the sky. I assume that since the sky goes over all states it must be left to the jurisdiction of our beloved FBI.

Then again, now that Superman is back in action, perhaps we should turn the entire sky crime issue over to him. After all, he is faster than a speeding bullet. At least with Superman in the sky, we know he can vanquish any rogue drones.