Nothing New-Gang Rape In India

Another day, another gang rape in India. It increasingly is becoming a surprise to get through a day in India without some woman being assaulted by a group of men. Naturally, after the woman is attacked, the rapists disappear into the darkness, some police show up, I think, and they do something, about the crime, but I am unclear as to what they actually are investigating. A female photo-journalist was working on an assignment taking pictures of old buildings in Mumbai when her assistant and she were approached by five men inside an abandoned textile mill. They tied up her assistant and proceeded to gang rape the woman. This is not an unusual occurrence, and failure of police to capture rapists is rather common. As women activist Kavita Krishman notes, “Mumbai was always safe for women, but in recent years the emphasis of the police and the home department has shifted from protecting women to restricting women’s freedom.”

Oh well, there is always tomorrow in Mumbai. Another attack, another promise to do something and another group of rapists wandering the streets in hope to find a woman.