Nothing New In Afghanistan-Just Torture

The American army has been engaged in the conflict known as the war in Afghanistan for over a decade. The one certainty that has emerged from the baker dozen years of war and strife is that torture is the norm rather than the exception. A new video all over the Internet depicts three members of the Afghan security force holding a man while another man whips a prisoner. It is not clear what the prisoner did, but he sure is getting the whipping of his life. Oh, hovering in the background are three American soldiers just standing and observing. Such a wonderful video to depict how America is spreading the spirit of democracy in Asia.

OK, so maybe, just maybe, we should not encourage our allies to torture people. What else can we do, each day we Americans must endure the torture of Tea Party nut cases rambling on about Benghazi or who needs health care since I have health care. If I must endure these savage, vicious people who lack any regard for human life, it is only fair that Afghans get a taste of the same medicine.

Then again, perhaps I would be better off with a whipping than listening to Ted Cruz.