Nothing New In Syria

There is heavy fighting at the International Airport in Aleppo, Syria, rebels have seized a military base, and the death total is either at 70,000 or has gone beyond it. Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov insists that rebels have not offered any solution to the civil war, and urged its leaders to agree to discussions with their former Beloved Leader Bashar al-Assad. Oh, he did admit any reforms proposed by Assad were too little, too late and the man he supports was not “really getting in line with events.”

Of course, “the opposition” is composed of all sorts of folks, few of whom actually agree with anything proposed by someone else. The US refuses to get involved in supply arms until they know who will receive this equipment. After providing al-Qaeda tons of arms in Iraq, American leaders finally understand we should tred slowly when it comes to supplying arms to anyone.

Another day, same old things going on, some more innocent people dying, and discussions are proceeding-within groups.