Notorious Spy Captured!

There is scant doubt when the history of spies and traitors is finally written the name of Bradley Manning will have to be at the top of the  list. Actually it required three years to finally place this slightly built young man who often cried due to his fears of being beaten before the United States of America could even place him on trial. After five weeks of unrelenting evidence that clearly showed before Osama bin Laden took any action, he checked with Bradley the US government closed its case. Now the defense will offer its version of the famous Wiki leaks.

Oh, during the initial weeks of the trial it turned out the prosecution had lost its copy of the document Bradley had signed and burnt another copy. The main effort of the government was that this frightened young man wanted to “aid the enemy.” Huh! Government efforts to link what Manning revealed to enemy attacks never got much weight in the world of reality.

Bradley Manning simply was a young man who considered the war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan to be actions that violate the US Constitution. One might disagree with him, one might be upset at his effort to inform the world, but to proceed from that premise to charge he was a “traitor”is simply nonsense.