Now Or Later

It is now quite clear that Something will be done about Syria. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General wants more inspection of Syria and has asked the US, the UK and other nations to hold off on any venture until things are checked out. Israel claims to have intercepted Syrian discussion of their chemical attacks, and Syria insists they do not speak in Hebrew so how can the Israelis claim to know what they say. UK Prime Minister David Cameron wants to get on with an attack, the sooner the better.Of couorse, President Obama wants to reflect on what he will do. There are reports a special task force in the CIA is preparing a twenty thousand page analysis of what would happen if US planes bombed Syria. We can assume the following will happen:

1. The US and its European allies will introduce a motion in the Security Council

2. Russia will insist that since black Americans and Hispanics are deprived of equal rights there is need to balance what is happening in Syria with what is happening in the US.

3. China will urge the need to discuss the problem.

4. Barack Obama will urge another review of the situation.

5. Someone in Virginia will send four drones to Syria.

6. The argument will shift from Syria to the Drone attacks.

Is everyone clear about Syria?