Future historians will read in wonder about the mad acts of NRA leaders who believe any interference in the right to carry weapons somehow intrudes upon their constitutional rights.
The latest manifestation of idiocy is passage of legislation in Arizona and Tennessee which allows people the right to carry concealed weapons into bars and restaurants. The NRA is fighting to have Congress extend the right to carry your weapon anywhere you desire because the police are of no help when it comes to defending oneself against potential crime! The argument ordinarily advanced to gun nuts is
A. People are shot in bars
B. I have the right to carry a gun into the bar to defend myself.

Logic then deduces: If everyone has a gun, when the guns begin firing, we can have a massacre, not the shooting of one or two people.

We have gun nuts demanding the right to carry concealed weapons into church to defend themselves against a possible shooting. Everyone knows, that Jesus Christ carried a sword wherever he went in case he had to kill people.

If we carry NRA logic to its ultimate conclusion:

A. There have been shootings at airports and on planes.
B. Therefore, everyone should have a right to bring his concealed weapon into an airport and on the plane.

I assume this means Congress will legislate the end of security measures at airports since such searches intrude on the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans!!

P.S. I hate to tell NRA nuts but in order to enter Heaven you have to check your weapons at the desk. Sorry, 2nd Amendment rights do not apply in Heaven. Of course, you nuts should have no problem heading downward where they welcome idiots who want to carry concealed weapons into bars and churches and schools and airplanes.

  • rightous indignation

    your wrong

  • Fred Stopsky

    I assume your defense of having guns in church is to honor the spirit of Jesus Christ who wanted an end to violence.