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I suspect, at some point, like most Americans there will come a point in my life when writing about this gun massacre or that gun massacre will come across as redundant. Read a story on the Internet, pick up your daily newspaper and tales appear concerning this angry man or that upset woman who is furious at someone or something and grabs a weapon of minor destruction in order to blast away anger and hate. There simply is no end to the presence of people within our society who believe that God is on their side when killing this person or that person about this infringement upon their life or that disregard for their personhood. In America, if in doubt, just blast away. The specific story differs, but the basic plot is always the same. YOU did THIS to me, and I have the right to rectify matters by killing you or your brother or simply throwing a baby out the window in retaliation!

Why? Because the SECOND AMENDMENT gives me that right!! Ben Freeman down in Louisiana got mad at his wife, killed her, which then led to the logical conclusion that he should kill his former brother-in- law along with his wife and some other people who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and death goes on and on. I confess to mental fatigue writing about these events. There is always a slightly different twist to the account of anger, but the end result is always the same-DEATH.

  • Drake_Burrwood

    There Is an interesting thing about materials predators the LEO has known for a long time. Most of the thieving is caused by a fraction small fraction of the people who will take an opportunity to steal if noticed, but even stranger this small group believes that “everybody does it’. While at the same time 60% of these thefts are caused by a subclass of this group labeled Semi-Pro by LEO. These persons go out of their way to look for opportunities to steal. Those labeled Pro work to make opportunities to steal, even here they still often think “everyone does it; I’m just better at it then most”
    Why would I put this here.. because there is another group Blood predators that once again have a strange idea, everybody does it. This small group actually personally believes that it is normal behavior to react violently against others due to temper tantrums.