NRA Upholds Freedom For All!

I realize there are LIBERALS who seek to deny the right of real Americans to exercise their constitutional rights to own a gun. If not for the National Rifle Association, who would stand for individual rights in this nation? Some member of Congress seeks to end our Constitutional rights by urging passage of a law that would take away my Constitutional right to carry a weapon for defense just because I beat the hell out of my girl friend. Could you believe that! The NRA sent a clear message of its opposition to the new law that would bar ownership of a gun to those convicted of stalking or having been engaged in domestic violence. According to the NRA this bill is an attempt to “turn disputes between family members and social acquaintances into lifetime firearm prohibition.” The NRA is “strongly opposed.”

For example, suppose Jesus Christ got involved in a shoving match, suppose Jesus Christ was a stalker, is that reason to bar Jesus Christ from owning a weapon? Once you deny stalkers and those who beat up on girl friends the right to own a gun, who next is on your list to take away their 2nd Amendment rights!!