NSA And Truth

I leave to future historians to sort out the mess that we know as the “National Security Agency” and its record of successful prevention of terrorist acts against the United States of America. Since September, 2001, there has not been an example of al-Qaeda making such an attack, although two brothers in Boston did their own interpretation of terrorism. It is unclear if the NSA ever identified the two brothers despite checking millions of phone records. President Obama has now come out and admitted that his choice for NSA head, James Clapper, was not exactly telling the truth to a Senate committee. “Jim Clapper, himself would acknowledge and has acknowledged that he could have been more careful about how he responded” to a question as to whether the NSA collected phone records of the American people. His answer was “not wittingly” and, he believes the response was “the least untruthful.”

Of course, NSA official Keith Alexander never held back in lying. “I will tell you that those who want to weave a story that we have millions or hundreds of millions of dossiers on people is absolutely false.” It is clear that both Clapper and Alexander lied. It is now clear that a leader would remove from his staff those who lie to members of Congress, let alone to the American people!!