Nuclear Compromise With Iran?

President Mamoud Amadinejad of Iran raised the possibility of a compromise with the United Nations and the United States on the topic of his nation’s nuclear development plan. In a speech in the province of Kerman, he said: “We have prepared a package that can be the basis to resolve Ian’s nuclear problem. It will be offered to the west soon. The new package will ensure peace and justice for the world. It will respect the rights of all nations. Of course, he has previously made such remarks only to result in an outburst of rhetoric that leads nowhere. However, Iran is dealing with the problem of reduced oil revenue and its economy could use the infusion of money from the West. Ahmadinejad is up for re-election and this might be a ploy to win over more moderate voters.

The easy path of right wing extremism is to dismiss this speech as nothing more than Ahmadinejad warmed over. It is worth exploring the offer. There are also signs Russia would like to assist in calming down the issue of nuclear weapons which are not exactly something it regards as beneficial to its own foreign policy.