Nuclear Security–What’s That?

The United States Air force did not include money for aditional nuclear security measures in its fiscal 2009 budget request because the proposal was prepared before the needs were identified. But the service’s unfunded priority list– which hghlights needs the Air Force could not fit into its budget–requested $222 m illion for its nuclear security initiatives. The Senate Armed Forces Committee declined to add the funding for any of these projecs but directed Air Force Secetary Michael Wynne to develop a “rational plan” to fund nuclear security enhancements and to include the plan in his fiscal 2010 budget.

The Senate did issue a report that was highly critical of the accidental transfer of nuclear weapns from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota to Louisiana in August, 2007. The report noted: “Three reviews of the nuclear weapons transfer incident concluded that attention to nuclear matters has substanially eroded over the last decade.”

As the threat of possible nuclear confrontations with the Soviet Union has left our minds, the issue of nuclear security has also disappeared. Who kows what possible changes in nuclear weaponry will emerge in the coming decades?