Nuclear Weapons Fiasco Infuriates Nation

Nuclear weapons carrying bombs equivalent to the force of 10 Hiroshimas were flown across the United States through a series of blunders and mistakes by air force personnel. The August 30, 2007 flight was kept secret by the Air Force until web sites reported the incident and then chaos ensued as the military tried explaining away the ill fated flight. It appears the bomber was not even guarded while it was on the airfield. A former B-52 bomber pilot who flew nuclear bombs wrote an angry response to the episode. “I’m not sure where to begin. I’m outraged and embarrassed. Back in 1979 we had to sign for nuclear weapons and verify serial numbers, the security posted two guards at the aircraft, the cops maintained two man maintenance crews to the aircraft. What the hell happened here?”

There is obvious need for serious re-evaluation on the part of the air force.