Nude Battle Shocks Pakistan!

The nation of Pakistan is an economic disaster with millions of people daily struggling to find food to eat, let alone a decent job. So, what is an important agenda for Pakistan’s clerics–nudity! Veena Malik, a Pakistan model, does most of her work in India since whatever a model does in Pakistan is bound to offend someone for some reason. She agreed to pose “boldly” for an Indian firm on their web site. FHM India took a photo of her naked and in the picture her arm had the initials, ISI, the Pakistan secret intelligence.

News that a PAKISTAN MODEL had posed nude in an INDIAN media outlet left clerics with only one response– any model who poses nude for the people of India is insulting the people of her native land. Cleric Abdul Qawi denounced this shameless hussy for “shaming Muslims.” I am lost, it is her body, she is not posing in Pakistan, and actually, she didn’t even wish to pose in the nude, but “boldly.”

There is fear in many societies of the world that pictures of nude bodies somehow shame God. As I recall, God in creating Adam and Eve left them in the nude. It was Adam and Eve who covered their bodies, not God.