Nude In Frisco??

I have mixed feelings concerning the issue of nudity in public. Personally, if one seeks to walk the streets of our fair villages without a stitch of clothing, go right ahead, my problem, is having to gaze at lumpy naked bodies which all too often make me gaze away up to the sky. A proposed law in the wonderful city of San Francisco would make it a criminal offense for anyone one the age of five to “expose his or her genital, perineum or anal region on any public street, sidewalk, street median, park let or plaza.” I really don’t know whether I am for or against since I have no idea what is a perineum.

Lloyd Fishbach, received news of this piece of legislation as he leaned against a building without a stitch of clothes. “I’ll still keep  doing it(be naked)  and if I see a cop coming, I will run and hide.” Most nudists intend to remain nude and seek to ensure that all men and women can gaze at their bodies.

Question: Will San Francisco abandon its fame as the only American city which allows the body–in all its natural beauty– to be seen in its original entirety?