Nude In Tunisia

Tunisia was a colony of France for over a hundred years which meant that thousands of young Tunisians spent part of their  lives either visiting France or attending school. It is not surprising  that modern Tunisia contains a solid core of conservative Muslims along with a more secular minority which seeks a modern democracy that enshrines the idea of free speech and free  dress. A Tunisian feminist, Amina Tyler, has shocked the entire nation by sneaking into Tunisia’s holiest city and then attempting to shed her clothes in protest against the growing power of Islamists who want women back in the veil. Ms. Tyler is a member of the Ukranian feminist group, FEMEN, whose main tactic is baring breasts and going nude in order to show the world they mean business.

Ms.Tyler once in Kairouan, took off the veil, displayed her jeans and showed her blond hair. The Interior Department might charge her with “provocative acts” that are against the  morals and traditions of Tunisian society. Of course, when Salafis attack liquor stores or beat up people who do not dress the right way, they are simply carrying out Tunisian morals.

The Arab Spring began in Tunisia. It is time for Tunisia to adhere to its original ideas of creating a free society.